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Council Sends Clear Message Re: Bill 66

Thanks to Ajax Council for passing a reasonable motion regarding Bill 66.

Bill 66 is happening whether we like it or not. It is now up to Council to continue to stand up for our environment, waterfront and greenbelt - which I'm confident they will do.

Thank you to the Members of Council who voted in favour of the motion - Mayor Collier, Deputy Mayor Crawford and Councillors Bower, Khan & Tyler-Morin. 

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Thank You!

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Former Candidate Lisa Patel endorsed Kurtis McAleer for Regional Councillor today.

“ I wish you great success on your desire to represent the community and your intentions to do something great for this world.  We teach children, teenagers and youth to have dreams, to soar high and to do something great for this world. I know you have been working hard the last few years to gain the experience to serve on another level. Often were not taken serious because were considered young or look young, but we have energy, enthusiasm and commitment to make the best decisions and choices that will be for the betterment of the community. I once was you and often people focus on biases like age, or no experience, but until someone gives you a chance you aren't able to show your true experiences. I am convinced you are aware of the issues, that your passionate, driven and have a fresh approach and will make the right decisions, as the decisions will not only impact now but for years to come. I h…

Change is Coming in Ward 3!

Our Community Supports Kurtis McAleer for Regional Councillor!

Need Help Voting?

For anyone who didn't receive a voter card. You can also contact the town at or Election Help Line (905-619-2529 x 8683)

Bonnie Littley Endorses McAleer