This isn't good news for Councillor Ashby

So, remember when Councillor Ashby said that his issues with the bar have no relation to him being an Ajax Councillor? well that wasn’t fully true.

Mohamed Karatella, one of the men suing Mr. Ashby over the bar, also donated to Councillor Ashby’s re-election campaign in 2010. Karatella donated $250.00, which made him one of the largest individual donors to Mr. Ashby’s 2010 campaign (one other person donated $250.00 as well).

This isn’t a conspiracy theory, it’s written clear as day.
Here is Renrick’s 2010 Statement

Here is the recent article detailing Mr. Ashby’s troubles:

Councillor Ashby has yet to file his 2014 financial statement.


Recent allegations against Councillor Ashby pertaining to his illegal bar, as well as some questions about the charity he's affiliated with has prompted me to file an FOI request asking for Councillor Ashby's line-by-line council expenses since his election in 2008.

I'm not saying that I suspect any discrepancies in his expenses but with all of the recent news, I believe that someone should be taking a look. 

I'm sure this is a very, very, difficult situation for both him and his family and on a human level I sympathize with the stress that I'm sure they are under, but he is a public official who has caused much concern from residents (across the entire town due to his personal actions.