For Those Asking...

Non-Incumbent Voting % – Ward Councillors

WARD 4 – MCALEER – 28%
WARD 3 – DOOLEY – 26%
WARD 2 - HENRY – 24%
WARD 1 – WALKER – 23% 

A Bittersweet Evening

Although the results are not what we had hoped for, I am incredibly happy with our campaign and what we accomplished.

As a 21 year old college student who self-financed most of the campaign, I am happy with the job we did and the campaign we ran.

I want to thank everyone including family, friends, and my neighbours in Ward 4, it was an honour and privilege to run and share my vision with you.

I’m looking forward to seeing what Ajax Council does in the next term of office and truly wish Councillor Pat Brown all the best in representing Ward 4 for another term.

I’m incredibly happy to see some of my friends get elected or re-elected tonight.

In Pickering, Mayor Ryan was given a strong mandate to continue leading Pickering.

Ward 1 re-elected Councillor Kevin Ashe, who is a fair and reasonable voice at a sometimes-raucous council meetings.

In Ward 3, It was great to finally see Peter Rodrigues defeated. Peter was an incredibly negative candidate and deserved to be un-seated. Councillor David Pickles will do a much better job representing Ward 3. Dave is a professional who has years of experience. Ward 3 also spoke loud and clear as they returned Rick Johnson to council. Rick is a fighter for Ward 3 and always has been.

It was sad to see Deputy Mayor Doug Dickerson get defeated last night. Doug has always been there for advice and I’ve always relied heavily on his wisdom.

In Whitby, it’s good to see Don Mitchell, Lorne Coe, Liz Roy, Joe Drumm all elected. A strong team from Whitby. 

3 Days to Go!

Momentum continues to swing in our direction as we continue to campaign. We're predicting a close finish which means EVERY VOTE COUNTS!