Saturday Canvass in South Ajax

We had a great canvass today in the Shoal Point/Ashbury Area.

As usual, residents were gravely concerned about taxes but even more so, they want to improve community safety

Most residents were busy with spring cleaning, but the residents I spoke to talked about change at council and having a new Councillor who can communicate better with residents. 

It was great to see a community so in tune with whats going on in town. Neighbours were out enjoying the nice weather together and the park was filled with kids.

I am looking forward to continuing having progressive conversations and engaging with residents in Ward 4.

Jim, We Will Miss You

I am shocked and saddened to hear of Jim Flaherty’s passing.

Jim exemplified what it meant to be a public servant and was a great role model. Jim will go down as one of the best finance ministers in Ontario & Canada’s history. During the entire economic downturn, Jim stayed the course, acted responsibly and was a true statesman who got us through some of our toughest times as a country.

My thoughts & prayers are with Jim’s wife, Christine and their three sons.

I am proud to call Jim a friend and I will miss his common sense approach to politics. 

Ajax to Spend $375,000.00 on Rain Gardens

As reported by the Ajax News Advertiser this week ( Ajax is getting ready to spend $375,000 on rain gardens.

It is unclear if the price tag includes the consulting costs and if the cost is for all three rain gardens or is that the cost per garden.

As your Councillor, I would put an end to this kind of  reckless spending. We have better things to invest in here in Ajax. How about parks, recreation for our youth and seniors, revitalizing our skatepark at the ACC or putting in an outdoor rink, something that I am proposing in my campaign.

Time and time again we see Ajax Council acting irrationally with our tax-dollars and I find it hard to believe that any other council in Durham would approve something at this cost without any public input.

How long are we going to continue funding environmental pet-projects instead of cutting taxes?