3 Days to Go!

Momentum continues to swing in our direction as we continue to campaign. We're predicting a close finish which means EVERY VOTE COUNTS!

5 Days to Go!

Ward 4 continues to lead the way in early voting with over 900 voters in just 2 days! 

We're confident that this strong turnout reflects the desire for change we've heard from the residents of Ward 4 over the course of this campaign.

We take nothing for granted and we know we are in a very close race so we continue to work had everyday until election day! 

Here are some recent emails we've received:

"Cheers and best of luck. You nailed the debate, in my opinion."
- Steve  

"Thank you for stopping by yesterday.  We very much appreciated the time you took to share your agenda and listen to our concerns.  We need someone who has the drive and passion about these issues representing us. You can count on our vote!"
- Joe 

"I'm going for big change and voting for both under dogs...Kurtis McAleer had fresh ideas, educated and have had plenty of hands on experience with other leaders. I'm hoping for change!"
- Kelly 

Thanks for the speedy reply!
- Mike 

"Thank you for your quick response!  

I talk to many tenants who feel trapped simply because of affordability.  As you would be aware, staying in an apartment for 10 years and deciding to move means a huge increase in rent in another place.  Many tenants have contacted the owners just to be treated rudely and are dismissed.  The Falby Court development does effect ward 4 greatly.   

I thank you Kurtis for your understanding and concern and you have my vote with the hope that there will be action."
- Trina

“He is in step with the direction we need to go!”
- Val